Developments 101 (a division of 101 Residential) is part of the Scott Park Group, one of Australia’s most creative and award- winning home building companies.

The proven history and capability of the Scott Park Group ensures Developments 101 (a division of 101 Residential) can deliver superior efficiency in design to maximise your site’s potential while minimising construction costs and timelines to ensure your returns are optimised. We understand that for you, the bigger picture is a profitable property development that meets your individual investment objectives and we’re here to partner with you to achieve that in a well-planned and well-executed manner.

Home Behind Home

If you currently live in an established home, you could potentially look at subdividing your block and building a new home at the rear.


When there’s room for two maximise your blocks potential! A duplex development allows you to utilise your space to its advantage.


Looking to triple your properties potential? A Triplex development might be for you!

Narrow Lots

Don’t compromise! Building on a narrow lot can be a challenge, however one we can certainly help with.

Strata & Units

Have you got a large block in Perth and not quite sure what your options are? Strata & Units may be an option for you!

Grouped Dwellings

Looking to take advantage of a change in the zoning of your site and not sure about how? A Grouped Home solution may be for you!

The right finance could see you getting a bigger return of investment.

Developments 101 (a division of 101 Residential) has partnered with industry professionals to unlock your properties true potential.